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Lampard helps you choose lighting that not only illuminates, but brings forward the best characteristics of a space.

We prioritize practicality and technical precision in all our projects, as well as create inspiring and design-centered lighting solutions. We offer a wide variety of brands for every project and budget. We are here to support with our knowledge and experience interior architects and fresh home owners alike.

Every project starts from an idea

We determine the clients wishes, needs and possibilities for the project. When construction is still under way, we can help with planning out the lighting scheme. We advise on how to make a current lighting solution more functional and are prepared to consult on site.

Every project in unique

We take into consideration the technical opportunities and unique features of every project. We create lighting solutions with a strong concept, one that supports the purpose of the space as well as is aesthetically pleasing and intuitive. Good light adds value to the room.

We can visualize your ideas and we are technically precise.

Light in public spaces has to be comfortable and adhere to standards. Lampard has competence in technical light planning and light calculations. It is also possible to order an architectural lighting plan.

Lighting brands

We represent design lighting brands that we really love ourselves. It’s not paramount that a brand is world famous (even though we do have a couple of those). We represent brands that are focused on decorative design as well as those, who are focused on the best technical solutions and novel technologies. Keep in mind that this list is not final and is constantly evolving.


In the picture album you can see a selection of projects where we have been able to help create new and unique interiors, through lighting.

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Lampard favourites

This shelf is constantly changing. Here you can find a compact selection of our current favourites. Some change with the season, some last here for years. Even though this is not an online store, we have listed indicative prices.

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Finding the perfect light can be quite a challenge. On this virtual shelf you can find a selection of catalogs that have inspired us in one way or another. Flip them through and be inspired as well!

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